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Always follow the two Google Maps location points as described below. Don't take any other route and don't drive to Finca El Mundo Verde directly.

The entire route is paved, up to the second location point.

If you come from the coast (Vélez-Málaga / Torre Del Mar), Triana is the last village you drive through before you get the exit to our finca. This exit is about 2 minutes outside of Triana and just after a bend on the right (see photo below). You know you have the right exit when you see two large waste containers.

Are you coming from inland? Then make sure you drive via Trapiche. You can then use the same Google Maps locations.

For the first Google Maps location (at the waste containers), click here.


From the above exit it is a 5 minute drive between the mango fields (see photo below). You will then arrive at a Y-junction with a green gate with the sign of Finca El Mundo Verde (see photo below).

For the second Google Maps location (at the green gate), click here.

When you arrive at the green gate (photo below), call the phone number the host sent you. The gate will then open. Then follow this instructions for the dome, the casita and the family apartment.

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